Newsletter Q3 2015

news July 14 2015

Even though we hope that you all will soon enjoy your summer holidays, we want to let you know about new, exciting products for your research. For example the ZymoPure large-scale plasmid DNA purification kits and MojoSort magnetic cell separation system, that you can read more about below.

We also want to let you know that the office is open as normal through the entire holiday season. So please don't hesitate to contact us if there is any information we can provide you with regarding our extensive product range.

We wish you a wonderful summer!

– Your Nordic BioSite Team


Empower your research with ZymoPURE™ large-scale (Midi/Maxi/Giga) plasmid DNA purification kits. Streamlined methodology and superior technology enables unrivaled speed and performance. Innovative binding technology allows for DNA to be purified using a microcentrifuge column via vacuum or centrifuge in as little as 18 minutes. Ultra-pure transfection-grade plasmid DNA is eluted directly from the spin column into a 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tube and is ready for
sensitive downstream applications.

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In the spotlight

MojoSort™ is BioLegend's magnetic cell separation system for the isolation and purification of cells from heterogeneous populations. Cells can be isolated through positive selection, where cells of interest are bound by antibody-conjugated magnetic nanobeads. Or, cells can be isolated through negative selection, where the population of interest is untouched and all other cell types are labeled. Following separation with their magnet, both fractions of cells can be used for downstream applications

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Special Offers

On our webpage we gather all our current promotions. For the moment we have a large number of promotions with excellent discounts! For example these great offers:

– Up to 35% off on over 9000 ELISA kits
– A free secondary with a purchase of a primary antibody from Bethyl 

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