Newsletter Q1 2014

news January 28 2014

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2014!
We would like to start by thanking you all for the continued support during 2013.

We´ve started the year with updating our website and adding some exciting new products to our portfolio from our own range and from our international suppliers.
We are for example very excited to strengthen our Molecular Biology and Epigenetic portfolio with the brand new distribution of Zymo Resarch´s extensive product range.

We look forward to continue to be By Your Side™ in Life Science Research throughout 2014!
– Your Nordic BioSite Team

flashBAC – baculovirus protein expression system

A new platform technology for the production of recombinant baculoviruses, genetically optimized for producing 100% recombinant virus in a single step by eliminating the need for plaque purification.

Learn more about flashBAC

Zymo Research – now distributed by Nordic BioSite!

Zymo Research provides high quality products for your DNA, RNA and Epigentic research. This includes products for DNA/RNA isolation and purification, Small & MicroRNA isolation, assays for the study of methylation and hydroxymethylation etc. In addition, products for protein expression and purification plus a large number of other products!

Our team at Nordic Biosite has a deep knowledge and experience in the area of Molecular Biology. This way, we make sure to provide the best service to find and support you with the right products.

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ProteinTech – cash refund

ProteinTech´s guarantee gives you the confidence to put their antibodies to the test. Species or application not listed on their datasheet? That doesn’t matter; it will still be covered by their guarantee.

View all products from ProteinTech

Custom Services

BioSiteHisto is focused on tissue- and cell-based technologies. Our high-quality service includes histology, immunohistochemistry, in vitro research, and in vitro testing.

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