New Zymo-Seq Cell Free DNA WGBS Library Kit

news November 22 2022

We are happy to announce a new product from Zymo Research – Zymo-Seq Cell Free DNA WGBS Library Kit.

An all-inclusive kit for whole genome bisulfite sequencing (WGBS) library preparation from as little as 5 ng of cell-free DNA (cfDNA).

  • Optimized for small fragment input – Ideal for small and damaged DNA fragments such as cfDNA
  • Accurate methylation calling -Direct ligation-based protocol allows for accurate reads and methylation calling of native termini for each DNA fragment
  • Streamlined and simple workflow – Prepare robust methyl-seq libraries in just 3 steps (bisulfite conversion, direct adapter ligation, and index PCR amplification)

The kit is available as 24 prep and 96 prep.

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