New Zombie Dyes are Here!

news February 21 2014

Live Cell/Dead Cell Discrimination

It is critical to understand the degree of cell death in any flow cytometry assay and exclude those cells from the analysis. BioLegend provides DNA dyes, Propidium Iodide and 7-AAD, that enter and stain dead cells, but are impermeable to live cells for rapid, cost-effective analysis of unfixed cells. In cases where cell fixation is required, we now introduce fixable Zombie Aqua™, Zombie Green™, Zombie NIR™, Zombie Red™, Zombie Violet™, Zombie UV™, and Zombie Yellow™.

Zombie Products

Name Excitation (max) Emission (max) Size
Zombie AquaTM Fixable Viability Kit 382 nm 510 nm 100 tests/500 tests
Zombie GreenTM Fixable Viability Kit 491 nm 515 nm 100 tests/500 tests
Zombie NIRTM Fixable Viability Kit 719 nm 746 nm 100 tests/500 tests
Zombie RedTM Fixable Viability Kit 600 nm 624 nm 100 tests/500 tests
Zombie UVTM Fixable Viability Kit 362 nm 459 nm 100 tests/500 tests
Zombie VioletTM Fixable Viability Kit 400 nm 423 nm 100 tests/500 tests
Zombie YellowTM Fixable Viability Kit 396 nm 572 nm 100 tests/500 tests

Example Data

Zombie Apocalypse Video


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