New & Unique Animal-Free Multiclonal Secondary Antibodies

Animal-Free Multiclonal Secondary Antibodies – A New Specific Recombinant Alternative

Abcalis & AdipoGen Life Sciences partner on developing animal-free (non-animal source) recombinant monoclonal and multiclonal secondary antibodies, produced entirely without the use of animal components for more sustainable manufacturing and reproducible scientific results.

Unique Multiclonals

Multiclonals are recombinant secondary antibodies. They consist of defined mixtures of carefully selected individual recombinant monoclonal antibodies, recognizing different epitopes. Multiclonals are an ideal solution for secondary antibody applications, where a polyclonal antibody would traditionally be used, and provide the specificity, reproducibility and low background, which are only available from a recombinant antibody.

Ideal for Diagnostic & Research Applications

Benefits of Multiclonals

  • High Target-Specificity:
    Minimal cross-reactivity and low unspecific binding-reactivity compared to animal-based products.
  • Animal-Free:
    Made entirely in vitro by recombinant methods. Production is performed in defined animal-component free media.
  • Sequence-Defined & Reproducible:
    Completely sequence-defined and guaranteed long-term availability. Ensuring consistency between batches and reproducibility of test results.

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New! Unique Multiclonal Secondary Antibodies

Recombinant Monoclonal Antibodies [RecMAbs™]

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