New Tau, Synaptic Marker mAbs & Microglia and Astrocyte Webpages

news April 18 2018

Ever since BioLegend launched its neuroscience division a little over three years ago, it has been their goal to provide new and exciting reagents for scientists on the leading edge of discovery. Their helping scientists push forward with new reagents to study protein aggregates like Tau, affordable antibodies for synapse study, and convenient directly-conjugated antibodies for easy visualization of neuroscience targets. Learn more about each of these fields below as they continue to expand our neuroscience portfolio. 

New and Exclusive Tau Antibodies from Biolegend

Explore Biolegend’s expanded repertoire for new Tau antibodies that offer a great coverage of epitopes spanning different N- , mid, and C-terminal regions. These antibodies were IHC-validated in human tissues from Alzheimer’s disease patients and are ideal for detection of Tau in pathogenic inclusions. Learn more about their Tau reagents…

Purified anti-Tau, 1-223 Antibody Clone A16103A

IHC staining of anti-Tau, 1-223 antibody (clone A16103A) on FFPE
Alzheimer’s disease brain tissue. 
Purified Anti-Tau, 359-373 Antibody Clone A16097B

IHC staining of anti-Tau, 359-373 antibody (clone A161097B) on
FFPE Alzheimer’s disease brain tissue.
New Tau Antibodies
 Description  Clone  Applications
Purified anti-Tau Phospho (Ser262) A15091A IHC-P, Direct ELISA
Purified anti-Tau, 1-223 A16103A WB, Direct ELISA, IHC-P
Purified anti-Tau, 269-281 A16040D WB, IHC-P
Purified anti-Tau, 368-441 A16097F WB, Direct ELISA, IHC-P
Purified anti-Tau, 359-373 A16097B WB, Direct ELISA, IHC-P
Purified anti-Tau, 419-433 A16097D WB, Direct ELISA, IHC-P
Purified anti-Tau, 425-441 A16097E WB, Direct ELISA, IHC-P  

Synaptic Biology Antibodies

BioLegend’s Synaptic Biology portfolio offers a wide range of antibodies selective for adhesion and signaling molecules, and pre- and post-synaptic proteins. Utilize these antibodies to visualize synapses, axons and dendrites to assess neuronal and synaptic integrity in tissue sections and cell culture models. 

Post-synaptic marker

IHC staining of anti-Neurogranin antibody (clone NG2) on
FFPE rat brain tissue. 
Pre-synaptic marker

IHC staining of anti-VGlut2 antibody (clone N29/29) on
FFPE rat brain tissue. 

Primary Conjugated Antibodies

Our conjugated antibodies are linked to a variety of fluorescent and colorimetric labels designed to reduce assay time while increasing assay sensitivity. These antibodies are ideal for many applications including:

• Direct immunoassays
• Multicolor immunofluorescence imaging
• Direct western blotting 

IHC staining of Alexa Fluor® 488 anti-MAP2 antibody (clone SMI 52)
on FFPE rat brain tissue.

IHC staining of Alexa Fluor® 594 anti-Neurofilament H (NF-H),
Nonphosphorylated antibody (clone SMI 32) on FFPE rat brain tissue. 

New Microglia and Astrocyte Webpages

Biolegend is expanding their coverage to your favorite cells of the central nervous system. Learn about the functions, disease models, and phenotypes of these glial cells with their new webpages on microglia and astrocytes.