NEW – Proteintech ELISA Kits

news September 12 2014

Proteintech’s new and expanding range of ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) kits have specifically been developed for the performance of sandwich ELISA experiments.

As such they are ideal for the quantification of endogenous protein levels in a variety of non-purified, biological samples such as whole-cell lysate and human plasma or serum.

  • Each kit supplies all the reagents and solutions you will need for your ELISA experiment including protein standards.
  • The 96-well microplate provided is pre-coated with capture antibody, allowing for convenient and uniform capture of your protein of interest. The three-step detection system is simple and straightforward, and results can be measured on common plate readers at 450nm.
  • Detection of your target protein is reliable and robust using Proteintech’s detection antibodies recognizing whole-protein antigens and their three-dimensional structures
  • The ELISA experiment is a gold standard of protein detection and quantification, and Proteintech is confident its range of ELISA kits upholds these standards.
  • Each Proteintech ELISA kit has been rigorously assessed for intra- and inter-assay precision and data show high levels of assay consistency and sample recovery (provided with every datasheet).
  • Proteintech is pleased to provide solutions to your high-throughput ELISA needs and its representatives look forward to receiving your feedback on existing ELISA products as well as future additions to this growing product range.

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