New Products From Zymo Research

Zymo Researched recently launched a triad of new, exciting products for Library Preperation and RT-qPCR.

WGBS Library Preparation in a Single Tube


Zymo-Seq WGBS Library Kit (BioSite-D5465)

Highlights for Zymo-Seq WGBS Library Kit:

  • Whole Genome Bisulfite (WGBS) library preparation in less than 4 hours and in one tube.
  • Reduced library preparation bias for accurate methylation calling
  • Reproducible genome coverage from any species (>90% of CpG sites detected in mammalian samples)

Zymo-Seq WGBS Library Kit is the only kit available for whole genome bisulfite (WGBS) library preparation in a single tube. Zymo-Seq WGBS Library Kit incorporates tagmentation technology to eliminate the tedious fragmentation, enzymatic, and clean-up steps required by conventional, ligation-based library preparation methods. This streamlined workflow minimizes hands-on time, making it an ideal choice for higher throughput applications. To prepare Zymo-Seq WGBS libraries, intact genomic DNA is first bisulfite converted. Then, the following library preparation procedures are completed in a single tube: (1) second-strand synthesis, (2) adapterization via tagmentation, and (3) library amplification and indexing. After purification, libraries are ready for sequencing on Illumina instruments.

Get a Simpler, Faster Workflow


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Don’t Stall on Reverse Transcription

The new ZymoScript One-Step RT-qPCR Kit (left) and ZymoScript RT PreMix (right) Kit

Reverse transcription is one of the most frequently used laboratory techniques. Save time on every run and get superior cDNA Synthesis results with the new ZymoScript One-Step RT-qPCR Kit and ZymoScript RT PreMix Kit.

The ZymoScript One-Step RT-qPCR Kit enables fast reverse transcription and robust qPCR amplification in a single tube with maximal flexibility.

The ZymoScript RT PreMix Kit simplifies reverse transcription, allowing you to painlessly synthesize cDNA in only 10 minutes.

Optimize Reverse Transcriptions with ZymoScript


One-Ste RT-qPCR Kit RT PreMix Kit


You wished – Zymo listened

Zymo-Seq RRBS Library Kit (Cat# BioSite-D5460 and BioSite-D5461) now includes Unique Dual Index (UDI) Primer Sets.

The kit retains the same simple workflow, with only minimal changes in the PCR reaction recipe at the Index Primer Amplification section.


  • Simple workflow: Prepare Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing (RRBS) libraries in as little as 2 hours of hands-on time.
  • Low input: The only RRBS kit that produces NGS libraries from ≥ 10 ng of genomic DNA.
  • Accurate and reproducible: Unbiased methylation calling and reproducible CpG coverage.

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