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news August 23 2022

New DNA/RNA Shield Fecal Collection tube with beads

  • Pre-filled with DNA/RNA Shield to inactivate pathogens and stabilize DNA & RNA at ambient temperature
  • Spoon attached to screwcap to facilitate fecal collection
  • Non-reactive glass beads included for homogenizing fecal samples during collection

Contact us if you would like to receive a free sample.

Discover the DNA/RNA Shield Fecal Collection Tube

Quick-DNA Fungal/Bacterial Miniprep kit and Quick-DNA Plant/Seed Miniprep kit

These kits guarantee:

  • Complete lysis of tough-to-lyse samples (BashingBeads™ included)
  • Ultra-Pure and Inhibitor-Free DNA ready for qPCR, NGS, arrays, etc.
  • Simple Workflow (≤ 20 minutes)

If you’re considering testing any of the kits, contact us to request a 5 prep free sample kit.

Discover the Miniprep Kits

The Quick-16S Plus NGS Library Prep kit is now available also for V4 Region!

  • 100% automation-ready
  • 30 minutes hands-on time for 96 samples
  • Compatible with all Illumina sequencing platforms.

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