New product from Zymo Research: Zymo Environ Water RNA Kit

Zymo Research announced on November 11th the launch of a new kit for isolation of total RNA from water samples without need of filters or concentration steps.

The Zymo Environ Water RNA Kit simplifies water studies (e.g. COVID-19 wastewater surveillance) by increasing viral enrichment, inactivating pathogens, and improving limits of detection.

The kit includes a first step of viral enrichment (optional) with Water Concentrating Buffer (WCB). The use of WCB promotes the pelleting of viral capsids and protein-associated RNA, increasing RNA yields by more than 8-fold.

Type of samples: Water, wastewater, sludge, sewage, biofilms, etc.


  • Viral enrichment without need of filters or concentration steps- Enrich total RNA from large volumes (≤ 5 ml) into small sample pellets
  • Inactivation of pathogens (e.g. bacteria, fungi and virus including SARS-CoV-2)
  • Remove PCR inhibitors and elute concentrated RNA in ≥ 6µl
  • Downstream applications: RT-qPCR, RT-ddPCR, NGS

This product can be purchase as a complete kit or just the Water Concentrating Buffer.

For more information about Zymo Research’s Zymo Environ water RNA kit, please visit our website or contact us via email at