Mix & Go Competent Cells

news January 03 2017

Use Mix & Go Competent Cells for simple, high efficiency transformations without heat shock, lengthy incubations, or outgrowth steps.

Mix & Go Competent Cells are chemically competent cells used for simple and highly efficient (>108) DNA transformations. They are made chemically competent by a unique method that completely eliminates the requirement for heatshocking and related procedures.

For Mix & Go transformation, simply mix the DNA with the competent cells and then spread onto a plate. The entire procedure takes about 20 seconds!

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Competent Cells for transformations without heat shock!


Competent Cells Products Description Article No Size
Zymo 5α All exhibit high transformation efficiencies and are ideal for all cloning and library preparation procedures. Ensures Plasmid Stability (recA1), High plasmid yield (endA1), and Blue/White Screening. BioSite-T3007 10 x 100 µl (10 tubes)
BioSite-T3009 96 x 50 µl (12 x 8-Tube Strips)
BioSite-T3010 96 x 50 µl (96-well PCR plates)
JM109 BioSite-T3003 10 x 100 µl (10 tubes)
BioSite-T3005 96 x 50 µl (12 x 8-Tube Strips)
Zymo 10B BioSite-T3019 10 x 100 µl (10 tubes)
BioSite-T3020 96 x 50 µl (12 x 8-Tube Strips)
TG1 Excellent for general cloning needs, exhibits robust growth, and is recombination competent (WT recA). BioSite-T3017 10 x 100 µl – (10 tubes)
C600 BioSite-T3015 10 x 100 µl – (10 tubes)
HB101 High transformation efficiency and ensures plasmid stability (recA13). Ideal for cloning and library preparation. Larger colonies for ease of cloning. BioSite-T3011 10 x 100 µl (10 tubes)
BioSite-T3013 96 x 50 µl (12 x 8-Tube Strips)