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About Synaptic Systems

In 1997, Synaptic Systems was founded by well known scientists of the Max-Planck Institute Goettingen. Due to the high demand for their well established, high quality antibodies against synaptic proteins, we started business to provide these research reagents to the scientific community world wide.

In 2002, they established their own fully equipped research laboratory which allows product refinement and the development of new antibodies. To date, Synaptic Systems offers one of the largest collections of antibodies against synaptic and neuroscience related proteins and a growing panel of antibodies for cell biology, histopathology, and high resolution microscopy. Many of these antibodies have established themselves as reference products with numerous, high impact publications.

Synaptic Systems strives to provide you with the best antibodies and camelid single domain FluoTags for neuroscience and cell-biology. Their in house developed products are validated for a broad panel of applications like westernblot (WB), immunocytochemistry (ICC), immunohistochemistry (IHC, IHC-P), immunoprecipitation (IP) and ELISA to guarantee the best quality and reliability.

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Synaptic Systems introduces HistoSure

In 2017, Synaptic Systemds introduced their HistoSure product line. HistoSure antibodies have been specifically developed for use in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues. Like all SYSY products, HistoSure antibodies are exclusively available under the Synaptic Systems brand. They are produced and thoroughly tested in their own facilities to guarantee the best quality and reliability. HistoSure antibodies are subject to the special HistoSure Quality Guidelines (see: Validation of HistoSure antibodies).

Synaptic Systems offers customized antibody services

The Synaptic Systems antibody development pipeline is also available as a custom monoclonal antibody service to explore tailor-made antibody solutions matching your needs and budget. A close collaboration with academic institutions and customers has always been a priority to combine the experience of the highly skilled staffed with the expertise of partners in their special fields of research.

Quality guarantee

Synaptic Systmes are very much aware that only high-quality research reagents provide reliable scientific data. Their dedication is therefore to continuously improve the quality of their  products and services. All products are produced and thoroughly tested in their own facilities to guarantee the best quality and reliability (see: Antibody Validation).

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