Is your JAK drug discovery program thriving?

news June 23 2022

The JAK (Janus Kinase) family of kinases plays crucial roles in our immune system and are therapeutic targets in a range of pathologies including auto-immune diseases, cytokine storm, and blood cancer. Whether you work on wild-type or mutant proteins, on the kinase domain or the JH2 pseudo-kinase domain, BPS Bioscience have the right tool for you.

JAK Assay Kits

Screening for JAK inhibitors has never been easier with their optimized luminescent tyrosine kinase assay kits based on purified JH1 domains of JAKs.

Developing drugs against the JH2 pseudo-kinase domain? Their JH2-focused fluorescent polarization assay kits are ideal for high-throughput screening in a homogeneous, 384-well assay format.

Their JAK-Responsive Luciferase Reporter tools enable accurate and sensitive monitoring of the JAK pathway or screening of inhibitors in biologically relevant cellular models.