Inhibitor-Tolerant qPCR Mix

news April 29 2019

A variety of different inhibitors inherent to clinical and environmental samples can negatively impact the sensitivity and accuracy of a molecular assay.  Inhibitor-resistant qPCR formulations are designed to reduce the amount of sample processing required for reliable qPCR analysis.

Meridian Life Science has developed a novel inhibitor-resistant qPCR mix that can be used for amplification from crude lysates or inhibitor-rich samples such as urine, cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) or blood. It is suitable for developing qualitative assays that require fast turn-around times (TAT) or minimal sample processing to prevent sample loss.

Cat. No. Volume Reactions
MDX013 5 mL 500 Rxn
100 mL 10,000 Rxn


Product Details

  • Ready-to-use qPCR mix engineered with a proprietary buffer system designed for overcoming common PCR inhibitors
  • Allows for DNA amplification direct from crude lysate or unprocessed sample such as urine, cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), milk and blood
  • Ideal for developing qualitative assays where sample is limited
  • Eliminates need for sample extraction and speeds up assay TAT