High-Yield Antibody & Protein Labeling

Labeled Antibodies & Conjugation Kits: Invented, Perfected, & Fabricated In-House for Dependable Ordering

The optimal secondary antibody will improve imaging or assay sensitivity by increasing signal detection while minimizing non-specific binding and background interference.
Antibody selection and conjugation yield have always been challenging, and have only increased in importance during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has increased demand for labeled antibodies for serology assays and other research applications.
AAT Bioquest offers a comprehensive suite of antibody and protein labeling kits to choose from, developed to have simple protocols and require minimal hands-on time. We are here to supply and support your research.

Secondary Antibody Applications

Our research-use-only reagents are useful for developing serology assays like LFIA and ELISA, which are used to monitor infections.

  • LFIA applications include detection of a variety of clinical analytes in plasma, serum, and other biological samples.
  • Enzyme-labeled secondary antibodies are the core part of ELISAs and Western blot.