High purity antibodies

Antibodies are used by immune system to identify and neutralize foreign antigens, such as bacteria or viruses.The exquisite specificity and high affinity make antibodies not only key to immunity but also indispensable tools for biomedical research, diagnostics and therapy. Several important developments have been made, thanks to the massive recent expansion of monoclonal and recombinant antibodies.

Bulk solution for in Vivo studies

Nordic Biosite together with BioXcell offers over 300 high quality monoclonal antibodies covering a wide range of your research needs. We provide you with ultra-pure, low endotoxin antibodies—formulated without preservatives or stabilizers—targeting both well-characterized and novel antigens in the large quantities required for in vivo pre-clinical studies.

You may want to have a closer look at some of the reagents for immunotherapy studies as well:

Browse our extensive catalogue for both Invivo and InvivoPlus Mabs together with isotype controls at outstanding prices. You might also like to check out the InVivoPure™ dilution buffers, these high quality buffers identically match the composition and pH of the buffer the antibodies are formulated in.

View our BioXCell Mabs and Isotype Controls

Looking for high quality primary and secondary antibodies in different species?

Nordic Biosite offers wide range of primary and secondary antibodies based on your research area and application from Bethyl. You can detect your protein of interest with confidence using our Bethyl ELISA kits in 9 different species. Every antibody that we sell has been manufactured and validated on-site to ensure high quality standards and reliable results.

View our ELISA Kits from Bethyl

For further info, please contact us at info@nordicbiosite.com.

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