Find ChIP Validated Antibodies

news March 16 2020

ChIP Validated Antibodies and Reagents

Study epigenetics and transcription factor dynamics with Biolegend’s Go-ChIP-Grade™ reagents. Every lot of the Go-ChIP-Grade antibodies and kits is quality tested and validated to work in ChIP-qPCR experiments.

Go-ChIP-Grade™ antibodies are validated for use in ChIP experiments and compared to a competitor ChIP-validated antibody to ensure equal or better performance. Each lot is quality tested in ChIP-qPCR experiments. Additionally, many of Biolegend’s clones are validated for use in other applications including Western Blot, Immunofluorescence, and Immunohistochemistry.

Their purified Go-ChIP-Grade™ antibodies are provided at concentrations between 0.5 mg/ml- 1.0 mg/ml, and their ascites antibodies are estimated to be between 1-3 mg/ml.

Featured clone

Anti-RNA Polymerase II RPB1 (Clone 8WG16)

RNA polymerase II antibodies can be used to identify sites of active transcription or as a positive control in any ChIP experiment. Clone 8WG16 has also been validated to work in immunocytochemistry and western blotting.