Do you work with DNA?

Are you interested in sample collection, DNA isolation and/or DNA analysis?
Here you find a complete workflow for your DNA experiments, and very interesting reading on the topic!


Preserve DNA for 2 years at ambient temperature with DNA/RNA Shield!

A unique buffer that preserves the genetic integrity and expression profiles of any sample type, is compatible with common DNA purification methods and automation, and inactivates pathogens (including SARS-CoV-2). Available as reagent, prefilled tubes, in combination with swabs, etc.

Check out the available products and our blog posts about DNA/RNA shield and Sample Collection


  • Genomic DNA: Kits for any kind of samples including biological fluids, tissue and cells, FFPE, environmental and microbial samples. Spin-column, 96-well-plate and magnetic beads (automation) formats available (link to products)
  • Plasmid Purification: ZymoPURE Mini, Midi, Maxi and Gigaprep kits for transfection-grade endotoxin free plasmid DNA, BAC and yeast kits. Check out our time saving kits here!
  • High molecular weight DNA: Quick-DNA HMW MagBead Kit- Extract high molecular weight DNA (>150 kb) from any sample, RNA removal technology included, optimized for long read sequencing (including Oxford Nanopore and PacBio SMRT sequencing). Find more information about the kit here and read our Blog Post on this topic!


Microbiomics & Metagenomics

  • Library preparation for NGS: Quick-16S NGS Library Prep Kit– Illumina compatible, fast (no Tapestation analysis or AMPure clean-ups), accurate (real-time PCR-based) and simple (all reagents included). Product information here
  • Standards and controls for Microbiomics studies (link to products) and long-read sequencing (ZymoBIOMICS HMW DNA Standard, products information here)

NEW PRODUCT! ZymoBIOMICS Fecal Reference with TruMatrix Technology– Microbiome quality control made from real human fecal material (read more here!)


We offer DNA methylation kits (bisulfite, non-bisulfite, and antibody methods) and DNA Methylation Standards. Want to know more? Read our Newsletter and Blog Series about epigenetics research methods.

We also have solutions for Next-Generation sequencing (products and Blog Post) and PCR (products and Blog Post), as well as Clean-up & Size selection kits (more info here).

If you are looking for specific products or have questions, contact us!



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