DNA & RNA Clean-up Purification Kits

news April 03 2020

RNA Clean Up Kits

RNA clean up kits made simple. Discover the fastest RNA clean up kits and methods to clean up any RNA sample.

RNA may need to be cleaned up to remove enzymes, buffers, or chemical inhibitors and concentrated for use in certain applications. A great way to do this is by using RNA clean up kits. With the RNA clean up kits from Zymo Research, hiqh-quality RNA (from pg to 100 µg amounts) can be purified and concentrated, with ultra-pure RNA eluted in as little as 6 µl.

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DNA Clean-up and Concentration

Zymo Research’s DNA clean-up and concentration technologies assure the purification of high-quality DNA with the complete removal of enzymatic inhibitors.

PCR & Enzymatic Reactions Agarose Gel Excisions NGS & Size Selection Genomic DNA & Crude Lysates PCR Inhibitor Removal


High-quality, inhibitor-free DNA is crucial for successful qPCR, DNA ligation/cloning, sequencing, arrays, and all sensitive downstream applications. Our scientists have developed the most comprehensive technologies for nucleic acid clean-up and concentration from any preparation. Central to the innovation of these is the total removal of salts and alcohols from samples by using uniquely designed spin-columns and plates that ensure complete elution with no buffer carryover. ZymoSpin™ Technology has revolutionized the microcentrifuge column to ensure the purification of high-quality, ultra-pure DNA ready for use in any downstream application.

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