Corticosterone: Rapid Results With < 1 μL Of Serum Or Plasma

news November 18 2019

The ability to accurately measure corticosterone in lab animals is greatly complicated by the limiting sample volumes typically available.

Arbor Assays Corticosterone ELISA Kits, K014-H1/H5, are the only kits available on the market to measure Cortisol in < 1 μL of serum or plasma in only 90 minutes without extraction.

  • Most sensitive ELISA
  • Fast, accurate, reproducible
  • Only small sample volumes required
  • Unique sample types
  • Long lasting supply – product will not change
  • Over 200 citations

Typical Standard Curve, K014-H

In addition to being a stress response biomarker in many species, corticosterone is metabolized into key neurosteroids in the brain. These neurosteroid metabolites are involved in regulating a variety of neurobiology pathways linked to anxiety and depression, aggressive behavioral traits, and long-term cognitive and memory functions.

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