cDNA and Expression-Ready ORF Clones

news February 18 2020

cDNAs are fundamental to the study of protein function and gene expressions. LSBio offers a broad selection of over 13.000 cDNAs, each available in either a cloning vector or one of fourteen different ready-to-use expression vectors. cDNA clones in cloning vectors give researchers the freedom to manipulate clones as needed for their particular application while verified ORF clones in expression vectors give them the option to directly initiate protein analysis and expression studies without spending valuable time on RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis, cloning in-frame and sequencing.

  • 13.000 Sequence-Verified Clones
  • Your choice of Cloning or Expression Vectors
  • 14 Ready-to-Use Mammalian Expression Vectors
  • 6 Epitope Tags to choose from
  • Lentiviral Expression Vector

cDNA Clones

LSBio cDNA clones are available for more than 13.000 genes from multiple species including human, mouse, rat, rabbit, primate, dog, zebrafish and more. To ensure the highest quality, each clone has been verified to be ≈100% accurate by full-length sequencing. Clones are available in pMD18-T / pMD19-T / pGEM-T /pUC19 cloning vectors, allowing researchers the freedom to manipulate them as needed for their specific applications, or in a wide variety of Ready-to-Use expression vectors, saving researchers time and money by eliminating the need for subcloning.

Expression-Ready ORF Clones

Cloning cDNAs into expression vectors requires expertise, takes time and adds cost to your project. Accelerate your research by ordering your cDNA already cloned into one of fourteen Ready-to-Use pCMV3-Series mammalian expression vectors. Each ORF Clone is expression-verified and ready for applications such as in vivo overexpression and recombinant protein production. Available expression vectors contain both prokariotic or eukariotic selection factors and a variety of detection tags to choose from, including C- and N-terminal His, Myc, GFP, HA, ddK (FLAG®) and OFP. Lentiviral ORF Clones are also available in pLV-C-GFP vector for those researchers working with non-dividing cells, primary cells, stem cells and other difficult to transfer cells.

Available Expression-Ready Vectors

Cloning Vectors pMD18-T pMD19-T pGEM-T pMD18-T
Expression Vectors C-Terminal














Signal Peptide









Lentiviral pLV-C-GFP

cDNA Clone Quality Control

Each clone is rigorously tested in order to ensure the highest quality. Their strict quality control testing includes:

  • Each cDNA insert is sequenced twice ton ensure sequence accuracy
  • Purified plasmid purity requires UV and electrophoresis A260/A280 = 1.8≈2.0
  • Each lot of purified plasmid is PCR tested to confirm insert size and confirm the absence of contamination

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