BSR77, an OptibodiesTM for detection of MSH2 is launched!

news November 19 2019

Nordic BioSite is happy to announce that BSR77, anti-MSH2, a new member of the OptibodiesTM portfolio has been launched.

Clone BSR77, has been optimized and validated to meet increasing demands in immunohistochemistry and exhibits the following key features:

  • High affinity and specificity
  • High signal to noise ratio
  • Optimized for high pH HIER
  • Excellent stability

a) tonsil

Anti-MSH2, clone BSR77, BSH-4018.

Tonsil (a) has been stained with anti-MSH2, BSR77. The tissue exhibits strong nuclear staining in germinal center B-cells and weak to moderate staining in mantel zone B-cells.

b) colon adenocarcinoma, no mutation MSH2

Colon adenocarcinoma without mutation to MSH2 gene (b) stained with anti-MSH2 (BSR77) antibody. Strong staining reaction is seen in all neoplastic cell nuclei.

c) colon adenocarcinoma, mutation MSH2

Colon adenocarcinoma with mutation to MSH2 gene (c) stained with anti-MSH2 (BSR77) antibody. No staining reaction in the nuclei of neoplastic cells, but stromal cells show distinct nuclear staining.