Are you working with Plasma/Serum?

Plasma/Serum cfc-DNA/cfc-RNA Advanced Fractionation Kit 

This one of a kind, unique kit provides fast, reliable and simple procedures for the fractionation of the highest quality and quantity of all sizes of circulating DNA and circulating RNA from various amounts of plasma/serum ranging from 1 mL up to 6 mL into two separate elutions.

  • Purify superior-quality and superior-quantity RNA in 45 minutes.
  • Bind and elute all RNA irrespective of size or GC content, without bias.
  • Minimal high molecular weight gDNA contamination in the purified cfc-DNA.
  • Concentrate circulating RNA and exosomal RNA into a flexible elution volume ranging from 25 µL to 50 µL.

Plasma/Serum Cell-Free Circulating DNA Purification Mini Kit 

This kit provides a fast, reliable and convenient spin column method for the isolation of high quality, high purity and inhibitor-free cell-free circulating DNA (cfc-DNA) from plasma/serum sample volumes ranging from 200 μL up to 500 μL. Additional sizes are available for smaller and larger sample volumes.

  • Isolate all sizes of circulating DNA from plasma and serum samples.
  • Isolate viral and bacterial DNA.
  • Isolate inhibitor-free cell-free circulating DNA.
  • Purify high-quality DNA in 15-20 minutes.

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