Accelerate Your qPCR Monkeypox Assay Development

news June 21 2022

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the 250+ monkeypox cases found in recent weeks could be just the beginning, and that the virus constitutes a moderate risk to overall public health at a global level given most people under the age of 45 have not received the smallpox vaccine (which offers some protection against monkeypox).

Currently, monkeypox diagnosis is by PCR and performed by government labs, however, if the outbreak grows large testing capacity will need to expand.

Meridian has the most extensive menu of inhibitor-tolerant qPCR and LAMP mixes designed for sensitive and fast detection of DNA viruses such as monkeypox.  As ready-to-use mixes, these formulations are completely optimized and only require the addition of disease-specific primers and probes.  Accelerate your assay development for monkeypox today!