A Growing Selection of Flow Cytometry Dyes

Watch Your Flow Cytometry Panels Grow with New Fluor Options.

From dyes with unique emission spectra to innovative chemistries, BioLegend are equipped to offer you more fluorophore options than ever before. Their expanded line of Fire Dyes consists of new options specifically designed for advanced flow cytometry applications, including APC/Fire™ 810 which extends the range of spectral detection to the far red. For high parameter spectral cytometry panels, they’ve added new dyes like Spark Blue™ 550 and Spark NIR™ 685 that fill the spectral space between existing fluorophores. Explore the diverse set of dyes, crafted by experts and peer reviewed by your colleagues.

Discover KIRAVIA Blue 520™ Antibodies

For a brighter alternative to FITC with minimal spillover, try KIRAVIA Blue 520. It can be easily integrated into flow cytometry panels built for almost all cytometers. It is the first in an innovative family of dyes which utilizes a unique organic backbone to minimize quenching and allow for a high fluorophore to antibody ratio.

View the KIRAVIA Blue 520™ Antibodies here!

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