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Protein/Peptide Services

We offer a wide range of services related to proteins and peptides together with our suppliers. Custom Peptide Synthesis and Recombinant Protein Production are some examples.

Custom Peptide Synthesis

We can synthesize peptides up to 30 aa routinely including modifications, labelling and conjugations. For longer peptides (40-100 aa), we offer special chemistry synthesis. Every peptide is supplied with a Certificate of Analysis including mass spectral and HPLC analyses (LC-MS) to verify composition and purity.

Protein Expression Services

Our recombinant proteins can be produced in bacterial, yeast, insect and mammalian systems depending on customer´s requirements. Together with our customers, we evaluate in parallel to rapidly identify an optimal expression system for a candidate protein target. We are also experienced in process development to produce proteins in scaleable systems. A customized purification process can be developed specifically for any proteins.

Furthermore, we have expertise also in custom protein-labelling, cell-line development, biochemical and cell-based assay development as well as screening services. etc.

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