Custom Services


A key tool in both early research and later stage development. IHC is a process of localizing proteins in the cells of tissue sections by exploiting the principle of antibodies binding to specific antigens. Familiarize yourself with our comprehensive range of IHC protocols for over 140 antibodies.

  • Optimal protocol for many routine antigens used in clinical pathology
  • Optimize existing protocols and develop new protocols
  • Double or multi immunohistochemical staining techniques, chromogenic or fluorescence visualization
  • Antibody cross-reactivity studies


BioSiteHisto provides high-quality human and animal hard and soft tissue processing, preparation, and quantitative analysis. We have extensive experience in both routine and special stainings. Take a closer look at our GLP- or non-GLP histology service and tell us how we can help you in your project.

  • Routine tissue processing and sectioning.
  • Optimal staining protocol for CNS samples of rodents.
  • Hard tissue histology
  • Histochemical staining of plastic sections of bones including plant tissue sections.
  • Morphometrical evaluations of stained sections
  • Xenograft IHC studies

Antibody Production

Nordic BioSite’s Custom Antibody Services include many competitively-priced packages for antibody production. We offer a full-service for the customized production of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.

  • Nordic BioSite Optibodies
  • Nordic BioSite mAb’s
  • Polyclonal Antibody Services
  • Antibody Optimization for IHC

Assay Development Services

Our partner Arbor Assays, provide a specialist assay development service which is specialized in making easy to use, precise, sensitive kits for small molecular weight molecules. Their assays utilize the most appropriate technology, color, fluorescence or chemiluminescence, to acheive the best possible analytical outcome. They use the most well defined materials to standardize any assay, utilizing NIST Standard Reference Materials, high quality enzymes and antigens for every assay. There scienitific integrity demands that they must produce the best possible assay outcome.

Recombinant Protein Expression Services

Nordic BioSite’s custom recombinant protein services provide a comprehensive portfolio of protein expression system. We have a high quality, tailor-made protein expression service available, from gene synthesis to protein expression/purification. Our service builds on 20 years of experience and offers the most up-to-date products available to ensure optimal protein yields.

Customer Peptide Synthesis

We offer a full spectrum of high-quality custom peptide synthesis services. Drawing on decades of experience, we take your custom peptide expectations personally, and we are relentless in delivering satisfaction on every aspect of your project. We are specialists in both routine and more challenging peptides and our synthesis methods and purification strategies yield products of the highest quality and purity.

Other Customer Services

  • Custom antibody conjugation
  • Predesigned AirTM adenylated linkers for Next Generation sequencing

ClinStorage - Secure storage for your biological samples

A GMP certified provider of safe and secure storage of biological samples such as tissues, plasma and cells. Additionally, ClinStorage stores pharmaceutical products. ClinStorage is certified by the Swedish Medical Products Agency and the GMP standards are applicable for GLP and GCP samples and applied within Pharma industry.

Single Domain Antibody Services

Throughout all five phases (from immunization to production), single domain integrity is ensured with ProSci’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and multiple quality control checks. If your clinical application calls for single domain antibodies (VHH antibodies), purchase ProSci single domain antibodies with confidence! We’ve earned the trust from both private and public research sectors, working in a variety of research applications – therapeutic, general research, diagnostic, pharmaceutical and many more.