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Custom mRNA Synthesis Service

Together with our supplier APExBIO, we offer high quality custom mRNA synthesis with a wide array of modification at scales ranging from milligrams to grams.


The research grade mRNA synthesis can be produced from the ground up (i.e. clone the sequence into APExBIO plasmids, in vitro transcription with Cap/Poly A Tailing/UTR Optimization/Modified Nucleotides, purification and QC).


  • Incorporates Cap 1 (EZ Cap) or Cap 0 (ARCA) into the transcript to increase translation efficiency.
  • Reduces host cell immune response and enhances stability by incorporating modified nucleotides (5moUTP, 5mCTP, ψUTP and N1- Methyl-ψUTP etc.) and a poly(A) tail.
  • Degrades the DNA template after RNA synthesis with DNase.
  • Removes the 5’ triphosphates at the end of the RNA with phosphatase to further reduce innate immune responses in mammalian cells.
  • Employs a robust clean-up spin column system that delivers high yields of mRNAs that are ready for most downstream applications.
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