Assay Development Services

RARE REAGENT GENERATION Arbor Assays is specialized in the design of peptides and organic derivatives to allow for the generation of high quality polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies as well as colorimetric, fluorescent and luminescent detection conjugates for assay use.

IMMUNOASSAYS They are experts in the development of super-fast and/or super-sensitive ELISA's and multiplexed assays for small and large molecules. They specialize in the design and the chemistry route to conjugate antigens to a carrier protein for antibody development, and/or attach the antigen to a suitable assay readout system.

ACTIVITY ASSAYS Activity assays utilize either a chemical change to determine the presence or amount of a particular molecule, or monitor the activity of an enzyme utilizing a novel read out methodology. They will research various options available and design, synthesize and validate new activity methods.

  • Over 30 years Scientific Expertise in Assay Development
  • Antibody Design and Manufacturing
  • Luminescent, Fluorescent or Colorimetric Readout
  • Concentration or Activity Measurements
  • Concept Proof through Assay Kit Manufacturing
  • Complete Validation & Documentation
  • Sample Testing Services

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