Antibody Production

Monocloncal Antibody Production

While high-affinity monoclonal antibodies make an irreplaceable contribution to many different kinds of research, large-quantity production of these antibodies can be a roadblock. Our tailored facilities and experienced staff offer specialized monoclonal antibody production, purification, and modification services. Our services allow generation of high quality and target specific antibodies.

Polycloncal Antibody Services

Unlike monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies correspond to multiple epitopes and tend to contain several immunoglobulin subtypes. They can be used as both primary and secondary antibodies in Westerns, ELISAs, and IHCs.
We provide polyclonal antibody services in mouse, rat, rabbit, chicken, goat/sheep, SPF animals, and other species. We offer a variety of polyclonal antibody production packages and our experienced team will guide you through the process of selecting the service package that best suits your applications.
Customers can simply send us their specific requirements and we will take care of the rest with guaranteed quality.

Antibody Optimization for IHC

Do you spend much time optimizing your antibodies for IHC?
Let our qualified histology laboratory do the optimization work for you. Send us your antibody and slides with tissue sections, and let us test different pre-treatments and antibody dilutions.
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