Our lab

BioSiteHisto Oy

Hermiankatu 3
FI-33720 Tampere

BiositeHisto Oy and our complete range of services is fully compliant with international Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards. Focusing on tissue- and cell-based technologies.

Our mission is to provide services of the highest possible standard to our clients throughout the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and research and diagnostic facilities. We strive to continue to build on the long-term partnerships we have developed with our existing customers and look forward to hearing from new customers and discussing how we can help fulfil your diagnostic and research requirements.

With extensive experience in IHC, our experts can optimize existing protocols where necessary or develop new protocols to give clients results of the highest quality in as short a time-frame as possible. We provide an extensive range of histology services from basic histology to advanced applications. For our CNS clients we offer quantitative analyses using stereological principles. We also have a fully equipped hard tissue laboratory for bone, plant, and hard biomaterial sectioning.

Based on our strength of expertise in cell biology and toxicology, we can develop tailor- made tests and assays as a customized R&D partner. We endeavour to assist our clients in developing test strategies to meet their specific needs. We offer standardized, validated assays ensuring dependable and predictive data for a broad range of sectors, including the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and biotech industries, as well as for different research institutes and researchers.

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