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Next Generation Sequencing 101 – Part 2

Welcome back to our next generation sequencing (NGS) 101 mini-series! In Part 1, we introduced the basics of NGS and provided an overview of some of its major applications. In this follow-up, we take a look at the typical NGS workflow including tips for good sample collection and NGS library preparation.

Next Generation Sequencing 101

Next generation sequencing, or simply NGS, has completely changed the way we do biological research. Also referred to as massively parallel sequencing, NGS offers high-throughput and high-resolution methods to decipher nucleic acid sequences, which provides important clues about protein function, regulatory and signalling pathways, mechanisms of human, plant and animal disease, diagnostics, and much more.

This blog post will introduce you to the basics of NGS and provide an overview of some of its major applications.

International Day of Immunology Is Here!

Today, we celebrate International Day of Immunology (DoI) – an annual day-long event dedicated to increasing global awareness of the importance of immunology in the fight against infectious diseases, autoimmunity and cancer.

Plex It up with LEGENDplex™ Multiplex Bead-Based Immunoassays!

Updated in April 2022.

LEGENDplex™ from BioLegend is a bead-based multiplex immunoassay that allows you to simultaneously detect and quantify up to 14 different analytes from panels that span hundreds of protein, chemokine, and cytokine targets across the fields of cardiovascular biology, extracellular matrix biology, immunology, metabolism and endocrinology, stem cell biology and toxicity.

Recombinant Antibodies – Part 2

In our last blog post, we introduced recombinant antibodies (rAbs), compared them to monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), and provided a brief overview of the rAb production process. In this follow-up post, we take a closer look at the rAb production workflow as well as the many applications for rAbs.

Recombinant Antibodies – Part 1

Recombinant antibodies (rAbs) are monoclonal antibodies that are generated in vitro using synthetic antibody-encoding genes. In contrast to monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), which are obtained through hybridoma technologies that require the use of animals, the rAb production process is completely animal-free.

In this blog post, we explain how rAbs differ from mAbs, and provide a brief overview of the rAb production process.

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