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Discovery of the DNA Double Helix – 65 Years On

This month marks the 65th anniversary of James Watson and Francis Crick’s groundbreaking paper in Nature, where they elegantly described the double helical structure of DNA. To celebrate, we take a look at the men behind the discovery and give a brief account of their work.

The Lowdown on Real-Time PCR – Part 1

In case the name doesn’t give it away, real-time PCR is a PCR application that monitors DNA amplification in real time. This means that amplification is monitored during the PCR reaction, and not at the end of the reaction as with end-point PCR, where PCR products are typically analyzed post-run on agarose gels.

Skip Lengthy DNA Isolation with Direct PCR!

Since its dawn in the 1980s, PCR has become a mainstay in most clinical and biological research laboratories. While Real-Time PCR is invaluable in gene expression analysis and determination of gene copy number, end-point PCR remains the method of choice for many screening applications, such as genotyping, paternity testing, pathogen screening, and transgene detection, to name a few.

Microorganisms, Microbiomes & Microbiomics

Microorganisms, whether commensal, symbiotic, or pathogenic, are likely to impact almost every facet of human and animal health and their surrounding environments. Depending on whom you ask, microbiomes refer either to the genomes of all of the microorganisms that reside within environmental niches, or the microorganisms themselves. Microbiomics is the study of microbiomes.

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