About Nordic BioSite

By Your Side™ in Life Science Research: our slogan tells you what Nordic BioSite is all about. It defines our way of thinking and working. We stand by your side in your research. We find the right products in order to help you reach your goals. We are by your side.

Your partner in research and diagnostic

Headquartered in Sweden, Nordic BioSite was founded in 1997 to distribute high quality and innovative products within research and diagnostics. Given our great experience and knowledge, our sales and technical support teams have the laboratory experience needed to provide high quality support to customers worldwide, regardless of research discipline.

20 years’ experience and counting. Nordic BioSite is recognized as a leader in supplying products for research and diagnostic throughout the Nordics. With 4 million products, our portfolio represents top quality manufacturers and suppliers operating throughout Europe, Asia and the US. Given our close contact with partners and customers, we are able to continuously grow and adapt our product range and thereby meet evolving research trends and customer needs.

Apart from being a distributor, we also have our own growing line of products. BioSiteHisto – our own laboratory services with excellence.